Rain in June .


Splash splash, plop plop. Drip drip, drop drop. Splatter and woosh the rain returned.
Fasten the windows and light the fire, cuddle up on the sofa the weather’s dire.
Jay plays a guitar,  we both sip wine. We will snuggle here until the stairs we climb.
Through the dark , lit by the fire light we see it fall with pleanty of might.
The river it rose and trundled past, it’s June I say; “it wont last”.
Quarter to one climbing towards bed, yawning and warm from the fire, I said.
” it sounds like the rain is right indoors” That’s when I noticed the puddled floors.
Wet both in and out, Jay searched in the loft. I mopped the floors bucket and cloth.
Another day started but we took it all in our stride, but I cope much better when the wet stays outside.

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