I'm sad ;-(

I am feeling rather queasy and am wrapped up in my bed.
I have a bubbly stomach a deep pounding in my head.
The heat comes in waves from my head down to my toes.
Feeling rather sorry full of misery and woes.
I pad off to the bathroom, then try to run the bath
With my head on the cool porcelain my knees upon the floor
My stomach heaving gently as a wave coming into shore.
Water whooshes in, filling up the tub
steam fogging up the room and I’m trying not to blub.
I just made it over the sink with my head
When my loving husband popped around the door and said
“I could bring you tea or cook you a light lunch”
If I had the strength… I think I would throw a punch.
I steeped my body in the water and soothed my shaking self
And wished I had that Teddy that sat once upon my shelf.
For no matter how old I get; or synical or scared
Nothing could make me feel better than squeezing Mr. Bared.

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