An uncomfortable visit.

Not so long ago we would let the phone ring and not answer it; if visitors were here.The box never  was switched on if someone arrived. We invited people for their company to converse ,listen and enjoy having them .How things have changed.

An invitation was issued and we duly arrived flowers and wine in tow. Five minutes in and the television came on. Football “Can’t miss this ” our host said. We are not really followers of sport which didn’t help.

I wandered in the kitchen to assist or just watch and chat. There was my friend checking pinterest for cooking instructions. We sipped wine and laughed and swapped boards on the site. But on a shelf less than two feet from her were, Gorden Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and a cornucopia of titles on beautiful books; neglected.

I, as many more of us do, have a smart phone, tablet ,lap top/ idea pad. I have also been guilty of secretly tweeting when I should be, having a conversation. Face book has also revealed secrets best kept, family things and photos that I never wanted on show staring me in the face. The intrusion of privacy, is it yours to keep private? I am not sure about some of the posts that arrive un asked for; or some of the regrets people have. The morning after realisations must be painful. Once posted it is there for good.

For now I just dip in and out of Face book; keeping up with family abroad and enter the odd competition. I enjoy the voyeurism of strolling through face book. I like being nosey and laughing out loud at really silly stuff and cringing at another batch of cat and baby pictures. But I ask you is it all getting too much?

Back to the visit. My husband said (after we returned home) ” At one point three people were face booking tweeting and watching Television, I wondered why I had been invited”

 I felt miserable for him and I had been just as guilty.

So in light of this, I would love to hear what you think. Is it time to cut back? do you think like I do; that there is a time and a place and maybe we need to be reminded of etiquette? A time when we know it is inappropriate; or am I being grumpy and old?


2 thoughts on “An uncomfortable visit.

  1. I am the digital marketing and social media manager of the company I work for. My phone is on silent for that reason. I am seldom on my own social media. I think if I were invited to someone’s home I would be annoyed if they were more interested in the TV or their cell phones. Unless the point of the visit was to watch a sports game.

    However, if I am bored with the company I am with – and I am not the person who organized it – I have no problem wondering off or just playing hangman or scrabble or whatever on my phone. I think its rude if you are the ‘host’. I think its rude if someone is trying to engage with you and you make it hard for them.

    But I dont think that ‘etiquette’ exists anymore. Technology is a part of how we go about our days. It would feel unnatural for most to put that on pause just because other people who use that same technology are around. I have had dinner with my family and we have all been on our phones. That may be screwed up but none of us were offended. But then again, we arent big talkers..

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