Quick I heard a ping.

Grab the phone it made a noise

We act like girls and boys

Rushing not to miss a trick

Take a breath leave the pad

It’ll still be there once dinners had.

I invite you to our home for tea

But I am tweeting or texting on my knee

Are we ruled by electronic toys?

Bleeping buzzing making noise.

Before long we will have lost our mates

Only virtual dinner dates.

2 thoughts on “Quick I heard a ping.

  1. I have been tweeting having face bookery, writing my novel and texting on my phone, I have been posting work on Writers Carnival and phoning my Husband. Not in one week not even one day, that all was within a three hour window today. But I have never been so rude as to have the sound on in a restaurant , church or a meeting. We do have to have standards!


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