Invincible Na No Wri Mo 2014.

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” If you’re listening”

Na No has arrived before I had time to blink
Table covered in pages of words in badly spelt ink.
Now it’s upon us I want to run and hide
I haven’t slept for four whole weeks I may have really died.

Oh god of sense and imagination if you hear me now
Put the alphabet back in my head and remind me how.
How to build a sentence a paragraph a phrase
Tell me it’s not permanent, or is just a phase.


3 thoughts on “Invincible Na No Wri Mo 2014.

    1. Not doing it for me today:-( I hit a wall this morning. And procrastinated on here twitter and fb today.
      I am ashamed… Oh well looks like I will be working through the night. Or just having a drink!

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      1. I vote for the drink LOL
        I’m so behind, I think I might actually be going backwards
        Good luck Ellen, I have found that…write drunk and edit sober…or tipsy…works quite well.
        Paris 🙂

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