Somerset Rains.

Rain soaked the leaf covered lawns and rain plopped from trees; on to unsuspecting dogs. Their walker’s wrapped in waterproof mac’s and wellington boots trudge through muddy bottomed puddles; with heads down. The sky clears as a cloud drifts slightly to the left, a shaft of sunlight slips between the trees. A rainbow of colour gets pushed in an arc across the sky. For a moment hoods come down and faces point up, tails wag and birds shake rain from sodden feathers and sing. The doors of houses open as women in slippers gaze; as if they have never seen such beauty. People push mobile phones, cameras and pads through windows, shutters click and whirl. Plop! Plop the sky darkens as the cloud decides it’s shown enough and the bow dissapears as if it never was. Down it comes bouncing up from pavements to soak the knees of children splashing in puddles. Filling gullies and drains, rivers begin to whoosh and chase; tables fill. The dogs wag their tails and roll in grass, coats hold on to morsels of stuff left from fox or cats. Owners snap on leads call names and with heads dropped into chests walk against the rousing winds and  head home.image

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