A Shelfie for world book day

 shelfie day bookWorl
shelfie for world book day.

Today is world book day, and my most recent books have gathered in an orderly line on a shelf so I can share them with you. The Chambers dictionary, just an everyday go to book that is so well used, and so old; it is like an old blanket. It really had to be there. Mrs. Byrne’s dictionary of unusual obscure and preposterous words, must be forty years old so couldn’t be  left out. Learn to speak Afrikaans, we won’t  discuss that as I have used it many times, but have not and never will learn it. Next I have the getty years in photographs , these have been invaluable for referencing eras. They have also given me many a giggle. The book theif by Markus zusak a book i have read and re read many times over the years. Dylan Hearn’s Second Chance, a must read, bettered only by the second in the trilogy ( i only have it on e book unfortunately) Absent Souls. Science fiction fantasy dystopian novels. Books that changed my mind about excluding certain genres . Gone girl by Gillian Flynn a disturbing read, better than, ( in my opinion ) the film. Letters to the lost by Iona Grey, a book that found me using every emotion i had. Due out April, I proof read it last month, a superb read; written with clarity. Schindlers list I re read while all the commemerating was going on last month. A poignant  reminder of the lost souls of the Holocaust . I am Malala, had to be read, more so because I worked for a short time in India, we also sponser three youngsters with Brighter future in southern India. So a necessary read for me. To Capture The castle by Dodie Smith, another blogger pushed a reminder of this book, while listing books he had started  but not finished. Thank you MikeyTBull of wordpress. Beautifully crafted, and she also went on to write one hundred and one dalmations. Well worth a read you wont be disappointed.  Ian Probert (follow on Twitter) came to my attention recently and i read Rope Burns and liked it enough to buy the ebook, Johnny Nothing, this was a childrens book, full of disgusting things probably aimed at ten to thirteen year olds, reminiscent of Roald Dahl. Loved loved loved it! Consequently I put him in touch with a certain head (my daughter) of two schools, and today he is reading and presenting for four schools.   Johnny Rotten, for world book day, now that’s what you call paying it forward. You can see an array of material on my most recent shelf, some I will leave you to ask me about, and others speak for themselves.  Carol Hedges Historical writings are in e book form but have this year entertained and gripped me. Diamonds and Dust and Honour and Obey were particular favorites, again you would be doing yourselves a favour reading them.  As my meagre contribution to world book day ends, I hope my shelfie encourages someone to read at least one book on my shelf. If it does please let me know.

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