Take the blame you are British!

( Picture from dreamstime.com stock photos )
We, ( the royal one obviously ) blame and punish ourselves constantly , for what? .

A person bangs into the back of my legs with her unweildly shopping trolley, what do I do? Appologise, smile, and limp away. I cross the road at a zebra crossings, dodge the lycra clad helmetted lunatic on a bike as he swerves to miss me. Um…  I am on the crossing, embarassed I shout “sorry” and scuttle to the otherside. A young child of seven or eight, wobbles and looks a funny colour, I lean over to check he is okay; as he vomits on my shoes. An exhausted parent arrives from nowhere and drags him away as she shouts, “It serves you right for interfering”.  Guilt coloured  my cheeks as once again I justify my actions… Why?

Is this a British trait, are we known for taking the blame and being overly appologetic? The examples here have happened, and I could have written more. Is this politeness gone mad? Are we just Pants at standing our ground?  Leave your answers in the comments , I will probably tug my forelock  in thanks, or curtsey… Try responding and see.

6 thoughts on “Take the blame you are British!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Firstly I am glad you popped by and hope it wasn’t to far to come… from Canada 😉, and yes it is interesting when you stand back and watch. (Which of course I love to do) while it is happening, I can pick out British people by the cringe, the forgiving immediate reaction. Some as a second thought get cross but not until after the word has left their lips. I am sure like me they mumble and moan to themselves later, when the perpetrator can’t hear…


  1. It’s so true! Maybe it’s because we are inherently, ever hopeful of politeness being returned to us in a given situation. As we know, today’s fast paced world and our increasingly selfish lifestyle, rarely yield the desired results… but we still do it! Is there such a thing as being over civilized?! : -/

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    1. *tug tug* it is true but so silly, in the post office a woman barged in front waving a form and clutching her child to her chest. Had she said, I am in a hurry, could I… Willingly I would have let her in, but barging in and knocking people with her elbow done the trick. “So sorry do go through” where did that voice come from… me.

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      1. Haha! Yes, what we actually think seems to pass through some annoying, subservient filter as it travels to the mouth! Then we go say something completely at odds with our true feelings…why? …cos we’re British of course! (So mildly annoying) 🙂

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