W.H. Auden and inspiration.

I post this simply because, it had not once crossed my mind, that everyone didn’t know and love the words of Auden. Many poets float my proverbial boat, but none as wonderfully as Auden.

I never want to loose sight of what I am not, or what I would strive to be . I know I am not worthy to call myself a poet, or any such descriptive name. I am but a woman who loves the feel of words. I am someone who is humbled by the words that have been spaced in a certain way. Words that will forever outlive me or thee, so I lay a few of these words below. I hope to bring back this old friend to the eyes of those who would enjoy being reminded of him. Maybe to give someone who has not read any Auden, a chance to taste the tiniest of  snippets of his work. I hope you enjoy the words as much as I do.

2014-12-13 23.25.03



7 thoughts on “W.H. Auden and inspiration.

  1. If only I could walk a step in his shoes,
    A smudge of the perfection,
    Would cling to my soul and the word begin afresh.
    For even a breath upon this cheek to permeate the words of him into me.
    Would create a majesty.


  2. I must admit that I’ve only seen a few quotes and poems 😊 thank you Ellen for reminding me to explore and read more ❤️❤️

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