Blood Red Moon.


( Photo is the property of the daily express news)

Autumn arrives following a blood red moon,
Vicars pray and People cry ‘the end is coming soon’.
Fears of men from distant lands make us think.
Old maids spend the night hidden under the kitchen sink.

Morning breaks and life goes on the way it did before,
With many men casting stones and crying out for war.
Peace keepers calming them as the hungry cry for food,
The greedy believe they’re cheats so call them’bloody rude’.

Berries plump amongst the thorns are fat with juice,
Leaves will fall and crackle beneath your shoes.
The last apples ripen as harvesting is done,
Filberts stolen by squirrels while playing in the sun.

Pumpkins, Halloween, gingerbread and spice,
Punch that smells of cinnamon will be just as nice.
Sweet caramel apples served upon sticks,
Children give sticky kisses from sugary lips.

As Autumn creeps through this land
No doubt the moon gave a helping hand.
An old wives’ tale or a prophesy
Thwarted by the perigee.


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