Random Peculiarities.


I got this idea from a fellow wordpress blogger on a blog called, Tears Run South. *waving thank you for the idea. In writing a piece about her odd socks, she inadvertently had bloggers and visitors alike revealing pieces of themselves all over the place. Go and look it is a brilliant site,.
Peoples oddities are interesting and fun, so I will start by leaving you two, not one.

My favourite scrumptiousness’ to eat on an open sandwich is marmite with orange marmalade * slurp*
Since the age of twelve… this may be more than you can take, but completely true. I drop the contents of a white sherbet fountain into a bag of salt and vinegar crisps. Next grasp the top tightly, shake to mix and allow to settle.
Each crisp is coated in sherbet dust and * salivating* it is sweet and sour and delicious.
Okay being as I already revealed those on the blog mentioned above, I will admit to one more.
I made my now son in law take the crisp sherbet test when he asked to marry my daughter. We were in Totness high street sat on a bench when I passed him the ingredients of my concoction and said.
” lets see if you’re a good catch”
He copied my every move as we together made my recipe.
After two crisps, one to try and a second to give it a fair chance, he passed them to my daughter while slowly shaking his head to and fro. He took the challenge like the gentleman that he is. I believe the act or forfeit as he jestingly called it sealed our friendship for ever. .. I am now loony mum in law.

Please reveal yourself or at least a peculiarity in the comments below, lets have some fun.

(Picture of a map of curios found on March 2013 the Londonist e magazine.)

4 thoughts on “Random Peculiarities.

  1. That was a great post on TRS. 😀

    The only way I can eat brussels sprouts is if they’re fried in bacon fat. I really WANT to like them, so I keep trying them prepared in every new way I find but so far bacon fat is the only winner.

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