When I need to Write.

A link to where you can purchase above mug is my new year gift to you!
Happy New year
Go Away I'm Writing Bone China Mug

“Go away” is not nice for someone you love to hear.
I began to wonder how other writers got “space”or privacy to write. How do you have room?
What do you do to get room to pull faces, pace the floor, screw up sheets of paper for no good reason and toss them by the door. We do not need others seeing us chewing our lips, scrunching our fists, grunting, groaning or raucusly laughing at what is in our heads, so how do we manage?
Here are a few things I can think of some work and some… Some maybe not so well.

A. In a loud voice state “I need to be at my desk this morning” then slam the door.

B. Put a note on the door “Shut happens” and hope.


C. With a desperate look and dramatic voice, beg to be left alone for at least eight hours, taking a flask and sandwiches with you, so there is no need to be disturbed with lunch.

D. Smear chocolate around your mouth mess up your hair and while still in your pyjamas, run around the house manically while chanting “I need to write ” repeatedly until husband, flat mate, parent or partner, get so concearned they tell you to go and write.

E. Have a frank discussion about how long and when you need to write , the day before thus preparing the way.

F. Pour a cup of tea in the pictured mug, and if there dares to be a tap on the door to your writing place, thrust it through the partially opened space and shake with vigour.
If you can think of any better ones, or some that you have tried please leave them in the comments and I will add them if appropriate. Happy writing my friends.

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