“You’ve got Mail”


I awoke to the flashing, a strobe of light that was winking away… the envelope mail received was pinging on and off.On opening my mail I was excited to see the message below.

We’re pleased to let you know that we’ll be using your story, ‘A Glimpse of Me’ in our January 2016 issue of A Long Story Short. As stated on our submissions page, you’ve already agreed to our terms and conditions. Your piece will be published on January 6th, 2016 Like a child I was excited, like a writer I documented the occasion. 

On my first step of this long journey I began to write too much,as my teachers thought. Being constantly admonished for using text books up, and leaving imagination filled stories where simple answers would suffice; but they never put me off.

 In my second writing phase I produced verses for cards and stories for children; to encourage them to read. Constantly  for myself I penned poems to fall in love with and hid them between pages of books in the bookcase. Winning prizes from magazines encouraged me, I had notebooks full and stuffed in drawers, all with pen names; secretly I put pen to paper as my children napped.

Today’s news means I will be published, me, with my own name, in my own rite. My journey progresses in the most posative way, the begining of 2016 couldn’t be better and this is only the start. Happy New Year everybody.

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