A little Reggae

14 year old girl from the Solomon Islands sings Adele.

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I haven’t really listened to much Reggae music since the time my sisters and I danced the same moves in a line to the Four Tops , Jackson five or Jimmy Ruffin. My memories come flooding back, the Crombie jackets and two tone clothes, the way I would slip between the smart mother requires me to wear clothes, into hippie psychedelic wear, and the “fashion” worn by my peers.

How I ever got my own identity I am unsure, with a sister who was a faded hippy come rock queen and one a smooth looking crop haired fashionista; then me. Still having hand me downs from above and, too young to stamp my metaphorical foot and complain; I hovered betwixt and between.

Today when I heard this song although fresh and exciting, not quite mainstream and not old style either, I realised those other times, those youth making confusing days were just not my time, I didn’t fit in any pigeon hole. Because I am a quirky hippy type non conformist that at times is a conventional styler. A girl/woman who loves blues, soul and smooth Jazz, reggae, Motown, swing, rock, opera and  don’t forget country; and all the stuff that sits between.

Music for me is just an extension of writing, reading, talking and all other wordy things. It has never been about fashion or what is right, it has always been about the movement of words. This is why my eclectic taste in clothes and music are more about inspiration and motivation. If you thought you’d get the measure of me by just looking, or guess my era by the music in my car you would be mistaken. A chameleon probably describes me best, but not in my nature that is even very rarely swings up or down.

For today I hope you will listen and let me know what you think, did you find inspiration in the music? or not?   Why don’t you tell me what motivates your creativity.

18 thoughts on “A little Reggae

  1. I too love the cover – dare I say it, maybe even more than the original… Thanks so much for sharing it. I enjoy all kinds of music from classical through R&B and jazz to soft rock and even a touch of contemporary country. So why is it that I need either silence or the most benign of ambient soundscapes in the background when I write? As a child I would force my concentration through layers of pop music to do my homework, but my brain doesn’t want so to work so hard these days!

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  2. First off – Hello is one of my favorite Adele songs to date. The notes, her voice, the words…it resonates deeply. The young lady in the video has a tremendous voice and I loved the cover; I enjoy reggae music tremendously. I’m reminded of a time in my life when music worked magic on my emotions and moved me to dance no matter who might see. I miss that – there isn’t enough dancing in my life these days. But you asked what motivates my creativity – surprisingly enough, it’s silence, lol. Music serves to soothe, but my creativity is born in the silent moments when the only sounds I hear are the voices of my Divinity, my Muse, and the characters in my head.


    1. Hello thanks for dropping in. You and I both like the silence, me so I can hear the voices of the characters as I write and I build them. But between the words, when I am pondering what next or relaxing, that’s when music moves me. But I still sing and dance even if my husband thinks I’m a loon.

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