My first Ping back



After struggling with some of the technical stuff on computers I thought it time to grab the unicorn by the horn ‘metaphorically speaking’, and stop ignoring the things that I either didn’t understand or found challenging. Anyway they just took time away from writing and I could do without filling my head with more… stuff.

Now this either will be fantastical and amazing, or it will be another ‘Ellentrope’ Ha! that confused the hell out of spell check which brings me nicely onto my ping back. Hughes views & news posted a video *waving* on how to do a pingback and why; and so I watched and maybe learned we’ll see click here to read, follow, comment etc…

Next I found a blog post that sort of relates to making words of your own up ‘The Praise of Nowstalgia’ well it is so much more than that, and I wanted to share it.  Click here    I didn’t quite get it right but I am proud in any case.

Please let me know if this was as helpful as I hoped, and if you liked the pinged posts of my pingback and link.

ps. The picture was sent to me through Facebook, I have been unable to find the creator so I am virtually borrowing it. If anyone knows who to whom it belongs please let me know so I can give credit where its due.

15 thoughts on “My first Ping back

  1. I hope you clicked on my pink pingback? because it is a great description of nowstalgia and a beautiful post. My mother in law called once eaten veg… belchitudes so there is another word that keeps up tradition. Hehe *burp* 😇

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  2. Hello Ellen. I have always been making up words. Might have gotten from my father, who did this on a regular writing basis. I proofed for him, before post. He was ever the netphobe but wanted so much to be out there writing to whom ever might like to write back. That was then, this is now, and I’m definitely continuing the tradition.


    1. Thanks for telling me, i don’t feel so silly if you struggled too, I can’t be the only one.
      Guess what! I found four of your comments in ‘Spam!’ I only just found my spam box… *Gasp* What the devils doobreys is going on?

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  3. Hi Ellen, the pingback to my post is working 😀
    The pingback to ‘The Praise of Nostalgia’ post is not working (there’s no pingback there.) Look’s like you’ve not added the web address of the post in the pingback box.

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