The Richness of voice.

I wanted to celebrate with a post, the voices or sounds that have moved me and stayed with me since the first words I heard come from their mouths.

The voices of mesmerising qualities that we can hear in these two men are simply beautiful. There are others who have the “Voicefactor”, the qualities which make whatever they read feel true, and absolutely believable; the ability to make your legs wobble. The celebration of sound and tone of the ones I am sharing today, for me at least stand out as exceptional.
Not being able to show them all here today saddens me, but the wonderful tone of Dame Maggie Smith (just showing I’m not sexist ageist or anyother geist) Betty Davis another such voice, one that curled your toes and made a thousand new born spiders run up your neck ( metaphorically speaking ).

Some not many, but some singers voices resonate, and are remembered more for their voice than the music. Louis Armstrong, Barry White, Leonard Choen and the wonderful Joe Cocker. I am not sexist there are superb females with the same qualities Janice Joplin springs to mind.

Leave a word, be kind, let me know your feelings; do you disagree or know better?
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20 thoughts on “The Richness of voice.

  1. Lovely post, and it really made me think… Voices which stay with me include Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins, Joni Mitchell, Hannah Gordon, Karen Carpenter. Being a lover of audiobooks I have one or two contemporary favourites too – I especially love actor Tom Hollander’s voice.

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  2. I love Anthony Hopikins; he’s brilliant….there are many voices that make me stop in wonder; Joan Baez, Maya Angelou, Anthony Hopkins, Sir Lawrence Olivier,Joan Armatrading, Dinah Washington, Grace Slick, Janice Joplin and JUlie London are just a few. Excellent post…Thank you…


    1. I have her music, but not that track, people over eighty years have “covered” Louis’s songs so he somehow stays current, rather like “My Way” which is one of the most covered songs of all time. Thanks for taking part. ๐Ÿ˜‡


    1. Apparently NY Louis Armstrong museum are showcasing the music from The Hot Five Band ahead of February’s Black history month. Louis collection of old 78rpm records and their sleeves are in the exhibition. So today my timing is perfect, except I won’t be lucky enough to go.Have a good day Patricia and thanks for dropping in ๐Ÿ˜‡


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