Just my cup of tea.


My table is laced and set for tea,
Come on in you will see.
A magnitude of things to read
Step right up and take my lead.

First you make yourself a brew
Have a cake a biscuit or two .
Find a corner in which to sit,
Settle down and read for a bit.

We have music and voice
There is pleanty of choice.
Story, fact , flash and rhyme
You will have a whale of a time.

If you enjoyed it in here,
Leave a comment be a dear.
When you go don’t slam the door
keep popping in for a little more.

Thank you and I was pleased of the company.

This post has been resurected and wears a new frock for your delight. X
The picture is not mine and I have been unable to identify the original source.

22 thoughts on “Just my cup of tea.

  1. Oh, a cuppa sounds very good right now…I want to sneak downstairs and make one, but then the dogs will bark and grandson will wake and the TV will go on. So I’ll lay here and listen to hubby snore and pretend instead πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you for the lovely company and tasty cup of tea πŸ™‚
    And those little cookies are just divine πŸ™‚
    big hugs ❀

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