For The Love Of An Anti Selfie


Just the other day it hit me, I can not compete let alone compute with the “selfie” brigade. Each time I look, a new one is posted, a pout, a bat of an eye, a sideways, forward leaning, hide the wrinkles, suck in the chin type of one *Gasp*.
So today, I changed my gravitar to what my husband calls the bag lady selfie, strictly speaking he took it so it probably doesn’t qualify as a Kim Kardashian style Selfie at all. But no one in their right mind would want a photograph of themselves looking (as my Dad god rest him would have said) ‘like a bugger’… would they?


A freezing wind was blowing across the small town of Dinard on this day in March. The rain had been shooting sideways and found it’s way under my eyelids; it was cold.  Just before the photo shoot… We were in an open topped car looking for a super march`e. I was being facetious about driving around in the cold and possibly dying in the attempt to purchase the gubbins required to make an impromptu picnic lunch; so added layer upon layer of clothing while we went along, still maintaining my temperature to be around the nose dropping off frostbite levels. Eventually we spotted a small store with a flickering light on the sqeaking sign. I lept from the car in haste, forgetting or not caring how I looked and entered. Our shed at home would be bigger than the store, but I managed to find ham, pat`e, bread, wine and grapes, as you would in France. After packing my bag I stood by a lamppost waiting  to be picked up. Around and around the fountain he drove taking photo’s, while he grinned and waved, but the crosser I got the more he drove around.
“Click” job done, the cross patch baglady was born. Now I pop it on my gravitar to say,” Hey” so what, it’s me in my ordinariness; if anyone thinks the word “ordinary” is the correct terminology for a loon.
Have you an anti selfie? Is your other half holding it hostage dangling it as a threat? If so why care, just put it up, we can call it “Anti Selfie Day”.

Incase you’re wondering… The only place the photo described is left, is on my gravitar here, a virus wiped out a huge amount of pictures on John’s computer and as yet I haven’t found a way to retrieve it.

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18 thoughts on “For The Love Of An Anti Selfie

  1. Oh dear. As someone who has just taken – and posted – their first ever selfie (my gravatar updated at the weekend!) – I feel somehow ‘guilty as charged’ m’lud. I was so excited to have a photo of myself that I actually liked – even one taken my my own fair hand – that I guess I just forgot myself!

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  2. Sorry to hear about virus. When did John notice that the virus showed up? Is he running Windows or Apple/Mac/Air? If Windows, try to run System Restore, select a date as restore point 4-5 days after the pics were uploaded. If they don’t appear, run again for the previously chosen restore date, sometimes this works. In your case, I will pray hard for recovery. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) georgie

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    1. He is pretty switched on about computer stuff he went on my laptop and pinpointed the virus as koobaface everything went . He had a technician talk to him and in the end a complete factory restall had to happen. Some things we have lost forever. 😕😢

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  3. Anti selfie day… What a great idea. I think like many others I too hate having my photo taken, unfortunately I seem to surround myself with people that love taking selfies, so I’m documented a little too much for my liking.


    1. Do it! Change your profile pic to the anti selfie… you will be liberated. And you will look fantastic when you change it for a decent one in a couple of weeks time; well you’d have to look better, right.

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    1. Oh dear… they do say a picture taken today will look amazing when you look back at it when your ninety, guess I have a while to wait, like a good wine heheee!


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