Flash fiction. A Gallop Was Heard

I spotted a challenge on Charli Mills site press  Here to see.

The challenge to write ninety nine  words exactly, in the format of flash fiction on the word Gallop or galloping. This may not be what was expected but anyone who knows me I often make the box rather than think outside It.

lady in the grass

A Gallop Was Heard.

Laying here,with my ear pressed to the earth I hear the drum of galloping, hooves pounding so loud with speed as they approach. Sweat breaks my brow as a cold clamminess envelops me.

I lay paralysed, wondering when hooves full of energy will arrive to trample and break my weary body, the one that chose this spot to fall, this sod to pillow my head amongst the grass. As the galloping gets louder and my body refuses to move I in that moment realise the sound is inside my head, as my heart reaches its last finishing post.

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17 thoughts on “Flash fiction. A Gallop Was Heard

  1. Hi Ellen!

    Tim from WC. I have to say I’ve read enough of your work to know I really enjoy your writing style. You have a great wit and a wonderful way of turning a phrase. I don’t recall ever reading anything from you I didn’t like. Either the stuff on WC- or this above just now. You gots skyllz!


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  2. I love that you make the box. Sometimes we need to do that to find somewhere comfortable to “sit”. Your flash piece is great. It reminded me of the one fainting experience I had – until I got to the end. It wasn’t my end, thankfully.

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