The Anti Bucket List


So many of us put our dreams on a list, a bucket list, a to do list or whatever name you care to give such a thing. How dissapointed you would be if every time you read “the list” you saw all the things you had “not” managed.
A failure that’s what, even if you told yourself that the two or three you had completed or ticked were brilliant and awesome. Each time you looked you would see “I haven’t made it yet,” In big letters before your eyes. The dreams you hadn’t ticked, the things you hadn’t completed would catch your eye first deflate your spirits and *sigh* make you feel flat. My proposal is that we keep an “I Have Done list.”… “Tahdah!”


Okay the name needs work, we will get to that at the end.
It could be written on the best paper or parchment, in your best handwriting; Italics I think. Such a thing could be displayed in a cabinet like an Egyptian scroll and tied with scarlet ribbon. But best of all it would be a list of all your “firsts” your “look at me moments.” With not a one disappointment in sight.
How motivating, pride inducing, blooming wonderful would it be.
1. I grew my hair
2. I passed my driving test
3. I kissed a girl
4. I kissed a boy
5. I ate desert before dinner
6. I ate a cake to myself šŸ˜‹
7. I gave blood
8. I am self employed
9. I fell in love
10. Survived my first broken heart šŸŽ‰

Of course you could expand or shrink it accordingly, if you have been an adventurer you may begin with your fist solo trip. But I think you get the idea a list of accomplishments.
There would be many more satisfied proud people if we each compiled and read our accomplished list often. We spend so much time on negative unachievable dreams. We bash our own heads with the proverbial stick that we collected ourselves just for the job. I am not saying don’t dream, dream huge and frequently, but as in all things once committed to paper, it stops being a wonderful dream and changes to a taunt, a tongue poking name calling one that you wish you’d never written. Mostly we put on extravagant, expensive, maybe if we won the lottery type of dreams on a bucket list… unachievable to the most of us. Let us begin being realistic, be kind to ourselves.


What would you Name your list? Where would you begin? At your biggest proudest accomplishment or your smallest earliest?” Do you like or dislike my idea?
Join in let me know in the comments. Look forward to reading and responding.

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22 thoughts on “The Anti Bucket List

    1. Congratulations and Happy birthday. It is a wonderfully uplifting idea I think. I will whip over and peek at your place in just a moment. Thanks for joining me here.


  1. How about an “I love…” list. Love is our biggest accomplishment. So many things we could add to that list: husband, child, books, stories-in-our-head, books!, budding dogwood, chocolate chip cookies, doggy hugs, hugs period. Ah, the list can go on and on. šŸ™‚

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  2. How about the ‘I’m awesome list’ I love this idea it could go alongside my happiness jar were I put moments that have made me really happy so when I feel sad or get the blues I can empty it out and relive these happy moments.


  3. That’s a good idea, Ellen: make a list of one’s achievements. It reminds me of my “feel good about myself” book in which I put cards, letters and certificates to remind myself I had value, on those days when I thought I had none.

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  4. Well … I like lists as they help to motivate these often tired bones. So I very much approve of your idea. I prefer to keep a goal in mind and have a list of steps to possibly achieve this. Little steps. Little steps. Put them together.
    Also … I really like the wheelbarrow picture. Could I please use it in a post about your writing routine/habits ? All the best. Kris.


    1. Chris thank you for coming and yes baby steps are good. You want to use the photo of me in the wheelbarrow? My Husband took that as Autumn crept in last October if this brain remembers correctly, pop my name on and go for it.
      But promise to come back and read some of my writing in return. šŸ˜‡ bye for now.


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