Watch listen and laugh.

A reminder of the fun of him
The bones of the soul of him
He may have gone but he has left us with magnifiscence and laughter.
Ronnie Corbett rest in peace.

“The Two Ronnies. Four Candles [HD]” on YouTube

I have hopefully managed to share this piece of exceptional British humour with you *fingers crossed*. This is the sort of comedic word play that made me laugh as a child and still do now.
I would laugh until I fell to my knees with the stitch, the tears would run uncontrollably soaking my hair and washing my face, and I’d gasp between bouts of head shaking and saying “oh dear” in a breathless voice.
This kind of freedom to let go it doesn’t come too often when you are grown. Today I want to attempt to get my visitors to experience the same. I know I may not succeed, some of you may just not get it, others may just not be able to loose the stiffness and control that so many have as adults; but i would have tried.
You see this is the sort of freedom I have thankfully managed to keep, the ability to frankly not give a doodah what people think of me. I am slightly bonkers then as Lewis Carroll once wrote ‘ All the best people are.’
So today give it a go and if it doesn’t work for you tell me what does.

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  1. I heard that Elton John was going to sing ‘Four candles in the wind’ at the funeral. Funny as he is, it isn’t intentional and I hope he doesn’t. The Two Ronnies were masters.

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