Working In India Wasn’t Proper Work.

railway orphan

My year was up, working in India wasn’t real work, Mum said. Never mind the heart breaking Journey to the railway station in Salur. Where I was to choose three children amongst the crowd that huddled together, with their kohl blackened eyes and swollen bellies that silently pleaded. Three bodies burned on the pyre as HIV and Tuberculosis claimed them, leaving three beds free.

The Government bod I was with, covered his nose and mouth from the stench as we ploughed our way through the filth. You can’t choose, it would catch your heart and rip it out, yet I searched the faces and touched three children of varying ages, then we left for the home.

I knew many would die there beside that track; by the time we had bathed and soothed the lucky three they’d be gone.

A stone marked the spot where a piece of me died in Salur, but it wasn’t
proper work said Mum.

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30 thoughts on “Working In India Wasn’t Proper Work.

  1. Shoot, sobering and says it all; Not real work, bury it out of mind so doesn’t exist. Rome burns in the background in a new landscape with a different name. The dust thrown on a grave; nice life, never mind, lets go to the pub and tomorrow its past and gone.

    You hit the nail there Ellen; class writing and you did good x

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      1. You said it yourself in another comment, if your writing is received as a powerful message or interpretation then it’s well on the right track. Bask away and if that negative spirit enters return here and say readers say NO 😊

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  2. Sometimes few words are needed to convey a powerful experience. Your’s made me tear up. Often I think I can’t do anything because I can’t do everything for people in need. Thank you for showing me that there are those who try, and I can, too. Even if the cost is difficult to pay.

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  3. not proper work? Maybe not conventional work, but very necessary work. That kind of work takes special people, you obviously are one!

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    1. Jacqui how sweet of you. The task is a very real one and has to be undertaken frequently. But this is a story based on that fact but not mine or my Mother. I am glad you felt the emotion in my writing. Please come back soon. 😇


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