Looking It In The Face .


She rests her head, I examine her face

Her beauty buried beneath wear.

The folds of skin that crack the space

Where blushing cheeks once shone.


A beauty spot, faded lashes

Now translucent almost  gone.

She rests, she rests her eyes

those eyes that have seen so much.


Reflected I see love in this face,

The skin that felt my youthful flesh.

That held my arm that time,

Proud to be seen there.


I said I would, I do and did.

She gave her life to me,

To cherish to love and pleasure

Then, now and forever.


Opening her clouded eyes I see fear,

As her mind refuses to know me.

Memories stolen never to return

I pray for her to rest those eyes

Once more.


In trying to experiment with finding my voice I put this together to see if I could be authentic when writing with a male perspective. Your comments would be appreciated thank you.

9 thoughts on “Looking It In The Face .

  1. What I deciphered is a voice emotionally laden with love and poignant feelings. I read it again after your note to decipher the male POV and it made a whole lot more sense to me than the first read. Well done 🙂


  2. I’d say this was very successful and moving. And in the difficult subject matter ….well the voice is a voice of love mingling with emotional pain. It almost doesn’t really matter whether it’s male or female.Well done.
    Reminds me of a piece I read years ago called Terminal Days at Beverley Farm. (Can’t recall the author at the moment..)
    All the best..Kris.

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