The Continuance Of Eleanore.




An arrangement made /  Far too young

For Eleanore’s hand / a marriage plan

Her Pater made the choice /  secretly agreed

An aged Squire / monies sealed the deed.

With land for a voice. /  Eleanore had no choice,

Wardrobe chose, trunk closed./ Her parents she begged,

A luncheon to seal the deal/ they gave her as a chattel.

Diamonds bought success/ Her heart fluttered like a bird.

Without manners or finesse/ Tore away her innocence

Removed the bridal dress/ her cries no longer heard.



My second attempt at writing a Cleve, if unsure of what a Cleave is, or if you would like to read part 1 of Eleanore please click the link.

let me know what you think, or if you have tackled one yourself.

30 thoughts on “The Continuance Of Eleanore.

  1. Poignant. Isn’t it great to live in a country where we can choose who we marry, and divorce if it doesn’t work out? What a living death to bear the touch, and the children, of a man you despise.

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    1. If you look back this is part two of my attempt at a Cleave, the first one gives a description of the three part poem, then all becomes clear… I hope.
      Yes and yes to your statements, it is a better if not perfect place, within a democracy.

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  2. This is great Ellen! Glad you poached me 😉 Interesting take on cleave. I haven’t looked into what a cleave is, but based on what I read I thought it was opposites. I like your take, making it 2 opposing takes on the one event. Off to see your other one…

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          1. : ) I just read ‘glimpse of me’. I really enjoyed it, it was great to get an insight into your life as a writer. I love the idea of getting your neighbours to talk and provide the inspiration 🙂

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              1. Ha! well, it is what you do with it that counts. Life is a great inspiration. In fact, I personally think art is the pursuit of trying to understanding life, so using life as a starting point is probably the way to go! Looking forward to reading more…


    1. You put the challenge out there ‘I’d like to see more from Eleanore’ said you. Once I mentally picked up your glove… gauntlet I had no choice. *whispers* “not unlike Eleanore really” *sniff*


  3. A fitting continuance, with a seamless flow of style and substance. Very well done 🙂 and no, I’ve never tackled one, but will look for more to enjoy!

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