An Artists Rap.

Coleen and Ronavon have challenged writers quote Wednesday with the word Artist or art press  here to join in or read the challenges.


Here follows my attempt.


We have graffiti on the walls,
Coloured words flying birds.
We was ere, painted on malls
Coloured scenes and words.

Artists creep out of sight
Put tags where they’re seen.
Painted in dead of night,
So we know they’ve been.

Is it art they paint
Or walls they abuse.
And space they taint
What have they to loose.

Fill  walls or hoardings
Choose their own looks.
Like musicians recordings,
Writers  words in books.

They’re  artists not chancers,
Composers, authors, sculpters,
Actors,  Painters and dancers
Song writers and customisers.

All with a message to leave,
Credible, deserving a place.
Grafiti gives room to breathe,
Not compramising the space.

In the mood of a rap, another risk I take a challenge to push me, genre free on my blog. Please comment, You won’t offend me, I look forward to reading your views.

24 thoughts on “An Artists Rap.

    1. I personally tried beatboxing while trying to talk – sing it. It was messy very messy… some like all forms of art will always feel inappropriate, but on the whole they have been cleverly used and some towns lay on tours to see the best ones. They bring money into the communities give drivers and guides a job; and artists a voice. Thank you for being here today 😇

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        1. I think this is either not rap, or, a unique, individualistic and Elitist take on the theme of Rap, resulting in a comic interpretation of self expression. The reader can decide *punches air* “this is fun” 😜


  1. This is great. I’m a huge fan of Street Art. And don’t be afraid of rap, good rap songs, like any songs, are just excellent poetry set to music or a beat. Very creative, Ellen.

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