Missing You Already.


So long sweet follower and visitors alike. Time to chill and read at will, a chance to write with paper and pen, to watch the sunset, walk hand in hand and chill.


I am away, wifi free for a couple of weeks. With the best, Best that’s ‘he’ and me.


You can leave me a message, a comment or a like.
I will answer you all on my return, around mid June. Once back expect to see a cornucopia of words and a cup of tea.
Missing you already. 👋👋👋*wipes tear*

Pictures are used with thanks, from pixaby, myself  and other unknown sources. 


Who knows what adventures we will have?
The places I may stumble upon or in if my name were Alice… which it is not!

30 thoughts on “Missing You Already.

  1. Hi, Fab blog! I have just set up mine, but still in the very early stages – a few months old. Just making efforts to link in with fellow bloggers to improve our followers and get the word out there for us both. I would appreciate you having a peek at my blog, as I have published several posts. Feel free to like, comment, follow or just take a peek. Thank you πŸ™‚


  2. Boo hoo, would have to say the same to You, too, ‘Am Missing You Already!’ Not Fair, Going off to Narnia! Just why could You not go to the next street or something, somewhere more accessible! Haha!

    Am NOT sending You the Tea! You will have to come here for that! So there!

    So OK, OK, have a Nice time. Love and Regards. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hilariously funny πŸ˜‡ you will of course be able to go through my writing and leave comments for me to peruse on my return! Bye for now… *luggs bag* “narnia here We come”


      1. Thank You, my Dear Helen!

        I did visit Your site again, and sadly, do not have much time for more. You will see my comment there.

        Have a nice holiday. Love and Regards. πŸ™‚


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