City Travel.



Your always alone in a city,
on a tube a street or a bus.
No one wants to notice,
Give a glance or make a fuss.

Can you smell the stench of travel
As it seeps from Eccrine glands
Of bodies pressed close together
with no place to wash their hands.

Finally the noise is over,

Bodies fly outย theย doors.

No one makes eye contact,

As all eyes are on the floors.

10 thoughts on “City Travel.

  1. Have you noticed how quiet busses have become? Some people chat, but most are quiet because people have their own personal universe with their headphones and mobile phones and Ipods etc.
    I knew an old lady years ago who would use her free bus pass and travel all day talking to people..
    She would just chat away to anyone who sat next to her.
    All the bus drivers knew her and helped her on and off the bus.
    If it was now that lady would be sitting at home alone watching the walls because no-one talks to ‘strangers’ anymore.

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  2. Neil Donald Walsch said on a workshop that we can be alone in the elevator with someone and make any effort to not look at them. We even read the instructions… lol!

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