Precious Things.


This is my precious special item, you’ll think it a strange one I expect. My daughter and her husband gifted this rose bush to me. “Mother of the bride” they called. Their words made eyes leak. The rose is a gift that will remind me always of their special day, May 23rd 2015.

I counted forty two blooms yesterday and I think each one represents a kind word, and a hug from my daughter. They remind me that however far in time and miles we are from her, she still cares and loves us, as we do her.

My Husband said they look like old ladies frilly knickers… what do you say other than, “When? When did you see… no don’t answer”. They smell of honey and vanilla the roses that is, the middles are a deeper leamon than the edges; my two tone frilly nice smelling knickers!

I hope they make you happy too. Do you have a precious something you would share? I’d ย love to hear your stories or see the item you find so special. Leave me a link or a comment, please do.๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‡

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