Why I write.




Writing simply  helps me breathe,

Washes my soul before I leave.
Allows me somewhere to place the ink,
To show the world what I think.

Letters, words and rhyme
Are part of my being all the time.
Life without a place to write
Would be like sleep without the night.

A place for love, humour and pain,
Somewhere to be time and again.
Without the pen I wouldn’t be me,

To not exist, to not be free.


I would love to know why you write, why you do  what you do.

. Leave me a comment please.


38 thoughts on “Why I write.

  1. Hmm

    You have narrated the reason of writing, I guess it is to unleash the words I hide and unravel the mysteries behind it, the emotions safely tucked away, that sometimes need untucking.

    The pen is a great weapon so use it well and use it wise. 👍🏼

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  2. I write because it’s like putting a stamp of approval on my feelings. Without that stamp of approval, my feelings won’t never be determined valid enough for reasons. I write because I care. I write because i cry. And I write because I can. Because I love being me, a tormented soul I am. I write to save myself from myself. I write from my soul. It keeps me alive.

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    1. I can’t wait to read something from you, your words are placed just so and you express yourself so freely. Have no fear choose your best poem and try. Tell a bit of who you are in your about page. I will follow and hope you follow too.😇

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    1. Crazy is as crazy does, as some unknown person once penned. We can be sane in our insanity (i said that one) 😇 I’ve yet to meet a writer with both feet… firmly planted I mean 😀😃😂

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  3. wow… this was lovely! I write because it is my way to be. I love it.. it’s a whole different world… a world of words. I love playing with words and putting it together and bringing out my thoughts. I love reading what other’s write too. I recently started blogging again, after a huge gap… and am loving it so much. Glad i came across your blog! 🙂

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  4. Such an awesome poem. I have two epic adventures in my head that need to come out > one is non-fiction but the real deal is a 10 year journey that is slowly coming to life. Without it I would be nothing! Have a brilliant weekend and never stop putting that pen to paper 🙂

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  5. Ellen, well this is brilliant – totally brilliant , spoke me the entire poem… oh writing make us breathe and lightens the soul. Thank you for visiting my blog and following me. You have a great blog here. Love it all but love this the best.

    Writing simply helps me breathe,
    Washes my soul before I leave.
    Allows me somewhere to place the ink,
    To show the world what I think.

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  6. When I was a kid, I read books as an escape from my life. It definitely wasn’t a Leave it to Beaver type life. Now I write to give others a way to escape as well. I write stories of hope, no matter how dire the situation, things can always get better.

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    1. To write a book and have it published is more than most people achieve. I bow before you, you may not have written a second book but you still write, there is more to writing than novels. Thank you for coming please come again soon.

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