Hope !

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Communication is the most important ability we have, as human beings we ignore this at our peril. The money that would be saved, the lives lived and problems solved … if only communication was used instead of weapons.

Often I am told I talk too much and I probably do, but take a leaf from my book, stop thinking your colour or creed puts you above anyone. There is but one race… the human race. Knowledge is power and know this, communicating clearly and calmly ‘will’ bring world peace.

We share the earth, and share ideas, which in turn, builds relationships and that can alter everything because it opens the way for peace.

For Ronavan’s challenge today, in light of the atrocities that man has committed  I felt this had a place.

Hope for new tomorrows

Open our eyes to true beginnings.

Pleased to leave behind yesterdays sorrows

Enrich our lives with hope, peace and love.
An acrostic poem, please comment and connect I will get right back to you.

23 thoughts on “Hope !

  1. I couldn’t agree more Ellen. Indeed – great minds think alike – I wrote a couple of similar posts and poem about the Terrorist atrocity recently too.. Well said! x

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      1. I know – life is simple but somehow it is made to be very complicated! My mum had a saying.. “Always look for the private purpose”… I think maybe the politicians have a private purpose… xx

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