Shed No Tears.


Shed not a tear when I be gone,
Don’t wet your cheeks for me.
I’m in the ink you write with
That you can not seem to see.

I sit beside you daily,
as you go about your life.
Watching out for trouble
I try to ward off strife.

I whisper secret stories
In your ear for you to write.
I infiltrate your thoughts
When you put out the light.

So there is no need to feel lonely
Or to wander there in gloom
For I am in every corner
Of each and every room.

Colleen and Ronavan prompted with belief/believe thank you both.

I resurrected this poem because it fits perfectly, i wrote it for an author who was grieving and said she could no longer  write. It now fits me as the words my Dad would say to me when I doubt myself.  If we just believed in ourselves we could achieve anything. Leave a comment, place a word let me know what it was you heard.

41 thoughts on “Shed No Tears.

  1. I too try to write in poetry, strait from my heart. And even though I never put them out for people to read, I don’t really know if I’m any good or not. I save all my poems in a journal. Left behind for my daughter Journi to read. My heart is broken, broken, broken.. because I’m being kept from her. May 13th was the last time I seen her.that was two days before my 36 birth day. So you can only imagine how many poems I have. The day I gave birth was the only night I ever slept in the same bed with her. The next day, was the only time I took a nap with her. She’s been to my house on three separate occasions. Ohh how I hurt. I try to write a poem of a mother and daughter unicorn (since unicorns are my favorite), but it never comes out right , then I’ll soon give up.
    Hopefully one day I can be as talented as you are! Then maybe I can start to enjoy myself all over again.
    That touched a soft spot in my heart. Virtual hugs to you.

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  2. In these days of social networking and Facebooking, we often forget how to be alone with our thoughts. Those are important moments, and this poem capture that beautifully, Ellen.


    1. It fits for many writers, a friend or sibling or a mentor, when they are gone the writer doubts themselves… I hope others read something to help. Your right they are never so far away.

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  3. Your poem is beautiful, Ellen. Such a thoughtful thing to do for a friend.

    On a personal level (having recently experienced a loss of my own)…I want to believe every word, and hope that, one day, just knowing he’s close… is enough.

    All the best. Kimmie.


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