What Is Humanity


I will stay

In this selfish

Warped world

Where life Is


Like sweet


And plastic




And Wine,

The conscience

Wipers of time.

Where pain

Is ignored

Unless it’s



Is something

Found in a book.

A being

No one sees

Or knows


Sway over

Lives of millions,

Who’s name

Is used to

Take life

And restrain

The freedom

Of many.

But I


To stay

To have

My say

To love

And try

To understand.

To fight,

For what is


Time to give  tolerance a chance, I am reading some awful things in the news today. In Bristol  a ten year old boy was  snatched off the street he was forced in to a disused building  beaten and left confused and scared;  because of the colour of his skin.

This was one of several hate crimes I read today and each day brings more, homophobic attacks, religious and ethnic  hate and discrimination, fear of the unknown can never be an excuse. Neighbours who wouldn’t cross the road to help, people without conscience or morals. Where will it end? When will we remember what it is to be human?

.Leave me a comment, let me see the disgust  in your words restore my faith in humanity. Please.

20 thoughts on “What Is Humanity

  1. I’m disgusted at the normalization of hate, and the marginalization of compassion, empathy, and humanity. It’s sickening that people who wish to shed light on racism, misogyny, xenophobia, police brutality, and other hatreds or injustices are shouted down by the willfully ignorant. Blaming the victim has become commonplace, it seems.

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  2. Hate crimes are the worst especially when children are targetted. I like the way you extend disposability to people–I believe there is a connection–in a materialistic society people are very disposable. Some people even approach relationships that way…

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  3. (my unfinished omment left for cyberspace on its own). Nothing’s really new under the sun, but everpresent media bring it to the fore. The best we can contribute are positive actions and thoughts in our own environment and community, the good vibes do have a way of rippling out…

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    1. Yes I am A positive person as a whole I see the good if I can find it but occasionally we have to voice our feelings. Thank you for coming and my posts still evaporate at a touch of a button; I’m pleased it isn’t only me. 😇

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  4. No evil in the dip of a gull’s wing,
    The leap of a big cat,
    The death-dealing snatch of a shark’s jaws,
    But the black pus of indifference,
    The banality of casual cruelty
    Is the preserve of the highest of animals,
    The sacred and the chosen,
    And I cannot help but wonder why.


    1. The stench of indifference
      Ranks high in the olfactory nerve.
      The turn of a head in place of a word
      The touch of kindness costs not a lot
      A sigh of boredom
      says he cares
      not a jot.

      This is the highest compliment I could have received thank you.😇


  5. I agree, wholeheartedly, with all you say! I think that we can hide, but not escape the hatred and horror that is fast becoming our reality. I fear the world that my grandchildren will live in, and pray that one day our world will awaken to truth.

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