Above The Sky Light.

Photograph by Robert Bultot for use on Friday Fictioneers Prompt only. Press here to visit Rochelle Weisoff-Fields blog  where you can join in or connect with more 100 word fictioneers.  from-roger


A twinkle of lights fell over the stairwell as spotlights hit the patterned skylight. People tucked away in plush apartments for the night were oblivious to what was happening above. A hum could be heard it throbbed and pulsed, followed by electronically stylised notes.

One by one the doors opened, children clutched teddies, men smoked cigars and Women holding nightgowns shut while others scratched and craned their necks. In single file they climbed, in silence they followed the sweep of the staircase; until they gathered on the roof terrace, never to be seen again.


What do you think happened next? Id love your input, leave it in the comments I promise to reply soon.

25 thoughts on “Above The Sky Light.

  1. Electronically stylised notes leads me to think it’s a close encounter of the 3rd kind. But my imagination has them being swept up in a nexus linking to another dimension. Or they simply could have booked helicopter flights to an airstrip where they board a plane to another country in order to get away from the possibility of a President Trump 🙂

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    1. A very deep thought from the bowels of your imagination. The first guess is plausable and deserving of a round of applause. Your second thought is very silly… If getting away from Trump was that straightforward; many more immigrants would be moving across the world. His backside if elected would wobble the world not just the U. S. A. Now that is a horror story.

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  2. I’m thinking it’s an invasion by the Cybermen and any minute now Dr Who will swoop in and all will be well. Intriguing story. I like the detailed descriptions of the people moving toward whatever it is that’s summoning them.


  3. Welcome to FF, Ellen. The fact that they were going away in their nightgowns with their teddy bears makes me think it was really unexpected. Maybe a drive-in movie in the sky? 🙂 Or an alien invasion? Hope there’s popcorn whatever they end up. Imaginative take.


    1. Me too, fluffy wraps and marshmallows with warm creamy chocolate cups to drink them off too sleep. 😇 pleased to have you visit Amy do come again.


      1. I try, I really do! 😛 Did I forget to mention that they could’ve also never been there at all? The dreamer wakes up, confronted with the cold hard reality of his/her prison cell… it was all just a dream, the minds way of escaping the sterile cells and prison bars.

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  4. Dear Ellen,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! You painted a clear picture and left the rest to my imagination. Where did they go? Were they abducted by aliens? Nicely done.



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