The Walk Of Shame.

Another  picture prompt with the Friday Fictioneers over at Rochell’s place. Requirements… A hundred word flash, inspired by the picture on loan from Amy Reese. Go on over and join in or read the individual stories  by pressing her name                                     🔜  Rochell Wisoff-Fields.


He shouted, his face against mine, his breath steaming my glasses. Men shouldn’t need to shout, my Gran said a good man knows how to be respected. I can’t hear what he’s saying; it’s loud. Mr Waddington said, “be healthy, don’t eat sweets and such, or smoke. Eat fruit and vegetables they’re healthy”. I said, “How can you teach us that sir? I see you eating crisps, smoking, drinking from a flask like my dad keeps next to his bed… and you’re fat”. That was when he shouted and made me do the walk of shame to the headmaster’s room.



Have you ever walked that corridor, sent shamefully past a whole class lips twitching scared you might pee your pants? let me know in the comments I would love to hear.


61 thoughts on “The Walk Of Shame.

    1. I would have been too… *gulp* a corridor was somehow worse, not only one person would see you but teachers from other rooms tutted and shook their heads. Thank you for coming i will pop over to your place soon; *hoping* “maybe a cup of tea will be available”… *thinks* we wil see. *big smile*

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  1. Dear Ellen,

    I still remember my fifth grade teacher yelling at me and shaming me in front of the class for a ketchup stain on my Scout uniform. To this day it hurts and that was a long time ago.

    Obviously that teacher’s actions are speaking louder than his shouted words. Well done and an A+ for reader participation. 😉



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    1. Shamed! How the hell do you get shamed in a dance class… did you whip out a twix, eat a bacon sandwich while tapping your foot to the beat, maybe your pointe should have been an arabesque… you should have tapdanced out to drown out the voice/es. Poor girl. Thank you for trusting me enough to off load the trauma *mumbles* nasty nasty teacher.

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      1. It was a most serious class and the director was always in a bad mood. And I took everything too seriously. I wish I would have tap danced out of there with a twix!


  2. Ah, yes! I have walked the hall of shame. My principal hauled me out of class and gave me shit – not over food. He overheard me telling a classmate during recess that I don’t study for exams. Gave me a lecture and yelled at me ‘Now get back in there!’ I’m an A student. Thanks for the memories! 🙂

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  3. A nostalgia provoking piece. I suspect you crafted it to learn our school secrets. 🙂
    Well, I don’t mind sharing I took that walk a number of times. Great take.


        1. Only if you couldn’t see… otherwise glasses become the thing that gained criticism.
          “Hey four eyes are you listening? Do you need a hearing aid also?”


  4. Do as I say, not as I do. Isn’t that what they teach. I’m amazed at how many people in the health profession do such a poor job taking care of their own health.

    The shame part was the biggest factor in the punishment and designed to serve as a major deterrent to future bad behavior. It was highly effective on most of us.

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        1. You seem to not want to elaborate, either you were traumatized, deserving of or you think it is none of my damned business 😆 either way thank you for coming. Have a good week 👋👋👋😇

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          1. Actually, that was just a little joke about “They.” I wrote a little short story once about “They” being an International organization who considered themselves the world’s utmost authority on everything. Naturally, “They” are always right.

            I was sent to the principal’s office a few times, but I was also pretty good at NOT getting caught. 🙂

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  5. Gran was so right – what a horrible man. I had a dentist when I was a kid – he had some of the worst teeth I’d ever seen and they were always coated with plaque when he leaned over to examine me! Nice tale and though your character was sent to the Head, she definitely retained the moral highground!


  6. I guess do as I say, not as I do. That seems to be the lesson, although, setting a good example is quite important. Poor kid,


  7. Ha, a good story. I actually had a teacher like that in fifth grade… She smoked and ate takeaway for lunch every day at her desk in front of us… And wouldn’t even share!!


      1. I did that walk of shame a few times.
        Not for being ‘naughty’ but for being ‘too clever for your own good’ type thing.
        I was once sent to the Head Mistresses office because the Sister who was ‘teaching’ us was going on and on about it not mattering what we (the pupils) did with our lives, we wouldn’t be going to Heaven, but she would be.
        After a few times I got fed up with this so I asked her ‘Sister isn’t it a sin to say you’re going to Heaven, because it’s God who decides, not us?’ – frogmarched straight the Head Mistress’s office for a forced apology from me (on pain of telling my parents otherwise) and ‘a period of contemplation’ for me in lunchtime detentions for a week.
        I was hard core Hahahaha..

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