Farewell Summer.

A prompt from Jennifer Nichol wells today is Autumn  Press   here to read and join in.

Today I cheat a bit as this just fits the theme, I hope it is allowed as I loved writing this.  


Autumn fruits and winter boots, wrapping up for the day,

Cold noses on the children, their cheeks glow as they play.

Reddend skies apple pies, climbing fences made of wire,

Warming stews and evening news tucked up by the fire.

Halloween, bonfire night, toffee apples on their sticks,

Burning smelly candles right down to their wicks.
Warming bubbles  soothe the bones

reading stories, haunting tomes.

Fond memories seep inside my head,
of windy nights wrapped up in bed.

We put away flimsy dresses

tie up loose flowing tresses

Say farewell to summer

the honey and the Bee,

That’s what Autumn,

conjures up for me.

A recycled poem for the prompt first written a month ago but I thought it deserved a second shot… What do you think? I’d love to read your response.

21 thoughts on “Farewell Summer.

  1. Beautiful farewell to summer! So sensual and full of rich imagery I can taste the goodbye. Wonderful to expand the definition of what flash fiction can be. Thank you for exploring and giving such a wonderful response to the prompt!

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  2. That is a gorgeous farewell to summer, and welcome to autumn, Ellen. I love your take on the goodbye prompt. The length of your lines, starting with the long days of summer, then diminishing to the shortened days of autumn is very effective. The images you have used also conjure up the changes in the season. I particularly enjoy these lines: “Fond memories seep inside my head, of windy nights wrapped up in bed.” Of course we are saying goodbye to the cooler months, and welcoming the warmer months now, though dreading the heat of summer.


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