Braving The Walkway.

press here to join in the friday fictioneers prompt at Rochelle’s place.picture courtesy of Peter Abbey.


Me n Tommy  sucking gob stoppers, mouths so full we had to slurp to keep  spit from dribbling. We looked down the end of the walkway, I wiggled stepping from foot to foot as if needing a pee. Tommy stuck his chin out and wiped the green slime that hovered above his lip with his sleeve. I watched the shining trail transfixed. Hoping that he didn’t do that boy thing of rubbing it in my hair. “Well Eddie we as to be brave” *slurp* We fixed our gaze on the end of the path, grabbed each others hand and ran like the wind.


My story is of bravery, the first time kids venture into what they think  is a scary place, the loyalty the unblinking friendship, do we keep that as adults ?

What do you think? I’d love your thoughts leave me them and I’ll answer soonest. 😇

31 thoughts on “Braving The Walkway.

    1. I plop poetry short story and flash fiction here, i find it a good way to learn & hone my craft. Thanks for your visit and comments. Please do come back and read some more.πŸ˜‡


  1. You have away of describing the actions of your characters in such a unique way. I haven’t read anything about spit in a long while lol (or probably never)

    Either way your writing was good! Nice job!

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  2. This is great we are changing lives one by one. As the WordPress Family connect, I would love for you to check out my blogΒ  leave a comment. (Share,Tweet, Broadcast; just let someone know.)

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