Hear The Song.

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I heard the beat the boom of the base

I could visualise the look on her face

 the moody frown the smoldering pout 

 as she mouthed the words as if in shout.

The song she thought  had been new

was done long before my baby grew.

A new band covered the tune

The one I hear pump out her room.

I sit on the stairs transported back

to Marc Bolan singing the track

my hand reaches for the curl of my perm

The platforms that made mum squirm.

Bright shaddow, the blush on my face

the sulky look off into space

The frills on my sleeves

The stars in my eyes.

 hopes and dreams
the forgotten lies.

I jump up as she opens the door

silent now , clothes on the floor

she wears a badge of girls of her time

her in Dm’s… me in mine.

Our lives so close

A mirror of me
 back in the day

when we were free.

I hope you enjoyed the video clip nostalgia plays such a big part in everyones lives.

Do you have a song that whips you back? Leave a comment and once I climb off my shoes Ill get right back. 

27 thoughts on “                      Hear The Song.

  1. One time I was playing Dire Straits, Money For Nothing, and my son exclaimed, “Oh mom the big white station wagon and you at the wheel.” Funny how music more than anything stirs memories. Thanks for posting at the Salon.

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  2. Percy Sledge ‘Let Me Wrap You In My Warm And Tender Love’ takes me right back to the days of pirate radio and tiny transistor radios -trannies (a whole different meanjng back then!) hidden under pillows at bedtime in order to hear DJ Johnnie Walker say a special goodnight to someone listening and play that song for them. My daughter was a Wham! and Madonna fan, my son heavy metal! Can you imagine the musical rivalry going on in this house in their teens?! Great post 😊

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  3. T Rex Loved them, but I couldn’t watch Marc Bolan sing. I was an ‘anti’ fashion person. I wore drain pipe jeans, sneakers and a bomber jacket when other girls were wearing flares, platform shoes, Holly Hobby dresses and powder blue glittered eye shadow. My hair was long and straight when they all seemed to have perms or ‘feather cuts’. Maybe I’m just contrary by nature. My Mum used to despair of my fashion sense. She even bought me a pair of orange bibbed hot pants once. I just stared at them in abject horror and my sister grabbed them with glee, saving me from having to wear them to please Mum.

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    1. This is wonderful! My family (4 girls) were smoothies, crombi coats cropped hair drain pipes and two tone travira, they listened to jackson 5, hot chocolate , reggae. I rebelled with t rex, Bowie

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      1. Hahaha, I loved Rock, Blues and Ska music, my sisters were into Disco, The Osmonds and Bay City Rollers (shudder)!! I’d be listening to Aretha Franklin upstairs and they’d have ‘Puppy Love’ on full blast downstairs. Sometimes I thought I had been give to the wrong family at birth!

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      1. Many 70’s songs bring me back there too. For example “Born to be Alive” or “Video Killed The Radio Star”, the BeeGees… many, many… but I was very small and the memories are limited to breakfast in the morning because that was the only time when I listened to the radio at that time. So don’t worry…. you are in good company… lol!

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