Memories of Mamories.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “mem.” Choose a word or words with the letters “mem” in that order and run with it. Enjoy!

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When born I hungered for them, at ten I longed for them. By fourteen I had nightmares that they would never appear. At sixteen I stuffed my bra with  cotton socks and wool, dressed for the british legion disco, a sparkler  would have had less wow. 

Platform shoes, angora halterneck top, high waisted sailor trousers a blush pink lipstick topped with a sqirt of xanadou… I was ready.

 I memorized the latest hits, placed a poppy on the memorial for luck, but my memory let me down, my membership had elapsed , memories of mamories that night were dashed, I was deflated, my padding come adrift.  

19 thoughts on “Memories of Mamories.

  1. That’s really funny, it seems that all girls go through the same dilemma wherever the live in our Western world ! I had exactly the same problem, I remained flat like a pancake while my friends already had little apples growing. I was 13 when my mother finally bought me a bra fearing for my mental health. There was nothing to lift up but two pieces of a soft tissue! I was so proud ! lol ! So you brought my long forgotten mammories back !!


      1. No mucky stuff – I try and go for the more subtle approach. I’d rather readers used their imaginations rather than finish reading my books and feel like scrubbing themselves clean in a bath!

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