To Begin  A New End.

​November 9th 2016 charli’s carrott ranch weekly prompt.’The End’ write a story that pivots around an unexpected ending. Press here to join in or to read the others.

  •  Thousands gathered, some rode, others walked to the stones. Drawn some say by forces, maybe magnetic, psychic or coincidence. Either way we all gravitated here and more arrived daily, with scraps of lives some in rags.Escaping the turmoil, that destroyed life as we knew it.
    In a flash, unease spread tempers began to flare. Before long gangs tore people limb from limb they burned and ate the bodies in that once sacred place. Until the ‘Hum’… the light,  In a suck of a vacuum a gigantic slurp all evil was gone. We clung together as one; to begin a new end.

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