Having A Chin wag.

Prompt # 1905 the writing reader. The word of the week is chinwag  so here is my stab.

There they  were the two of em,  hanging over the garden fence arms folded, Florrie’s  were under her tiny breasts; maybe to push them up pretend like she had more. She were long, stringy almost, she wore a pinny and a cotton square covered her hair. What I could see of it err hair was yellow,  oh an them teeth… they  jiggled about as she spoke; me mam said it made er retch.  Mavis well she was different,  Gramps would say “like chalk and cheese those two” I loved Granddad he had lots of funny sayings.

‘Any owe, back on track where were I’ Oh yes Mavis short n’ stocky with fat knees, you’d see em when she cleaned the windus, ‘mam says tisn’t often…’ she’s got tight curls peekin from under her scarf, dirty grey colour from the coal fire i spect. Mavis as short as she is wide and wears a fancy wrap around pinny and wrinkled stockins. Her roundness comes from avin ten. yep ten kids, six were lads all gone and grown now. We lived in back t’ back houses and Monday Mornin if School was owt, I’d sit astride the cill wi a book the sun warms ya through glass and they think I’m readin. Really I am listenin, you’d be surprised what I ear; lookin down at the back them two over the fence  puttin t’ world to rites avin a good ole chin wag. Got ta go now Mam’s got me paa’s snappin ready, I’ll take it up the allotment to i’m, he’s busy after all diggin us tea. Catch you another time tatty bye.


30 thoughts on “Having A Chin wag.

  1. Lol, good old chin wag, ah a post that recalls the old ladies having a lovely chin wag even if it means at the cost of fellow neighbours.

    Very differently from your usually writings I must say but you captured the dialect and characteristics marvellously.

    Very well written and I definitely found humour within it all.

    Liked by 1 person

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