#1906 No One Was in The Room But the Corpse

The telephone bell was ringing wildly, but without result, since there was no-one in the room but the corpse. –War in Heaven by Charles Williams

The writing readers prompt take the first line of the above and begin.

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The telephone bell was ringing wildly but without result, since there was no-one in the room but the corpse. I fumbled for my pass card , waved it in front of the fob as the panel slid left to reveal an image collector, the incessant ring made my ears throb. Eye to the lense then a swish, the security  glasss door released. Ring, ring, ring, “Shut up” I shout as it continued to ring..I stood before a monitor I and slid my fingers in the fixed knuckle duster like holder in the console. I hear the ping  and pull my fingers out and wipe them clean. My hand grasped the handle; one twist and I was in.

” Whoever chose this green antique needs hanging”.I say to the room as I unbutton my coat and  scarf push them together on the hook, ‘ring ring, ring ring’ … “Shut the bugger up”. It rang on while I fastened my white coat covered it immediately with a rubber apron, my gloves on my hands and mask at my neck and ready for action.  My journey to the wildly ringing beast took forever with polethyne bags over my shoes. I lifted the handset from the cradle as it stopped. An eerie peace fell over the room my heartbeat seemed to echo and bounce off the white walls.

I turned to the trolley, pulled the mike around my ear. “I am unzipping the shroud from the cadaver,  still warm to the touch 12° celsius, samples drawn, toxicological, biochemical and genetic testing  is underway along with fluid samples. It is 0600 hours 23rd December 2050, twenty eight hours since dispatch.   X-ray’s, MRI and cat scans completed, copies have been sent by secure imaging to (SIS) and Downing street.

External examination,  the outer coating as seen, has a prominent vein like structure running just below the dermal membrane. The outer layer has an ashen tinge with some oedema present, on each of the four limbs and rear apendage. Three elongated digits on each limb  at angles. Soft tissue is uncovered; no  nail or nail bed present; professor  Jacobs breaking off at 8.22.

‘Click’ I pull the microphone  from my ear and place it (still running) on the trolly, peel off my gloves and bin them I rotated my shoulders and stretch my neck.  In the office area I open the fridge and retrieve my water. My backside hit the chair and my mind  took over. This way of working was intense. The situation was unbelievable, i still hadn’t got my head around any of it. A car came for me and the official secrets act was sworn and signed before a QC across the City; it seems so surreal now, I shook my head and stood up stretching. With no time to waste I got back to the task.

The external exam complete, I was ready to begin the cut. This part of the process was to be documented and observed by an external  anatomical  pathology scientist. On reaching for the phone it began to ring, I physically jumped, the sound echoed around me, once I was steady I picked up the receiver.   “Professor Jacobs lab” three, four minutes passed with me repeating the greeting my eyes intermittently  stared down the ear piece; willing a reply. I was squinting so hard my head hurt, I dropped the phone back  on the cradle. My frown stayed when I dialled reception, I was massaging my temples with a free hand, ‘click’ …  “Jacobs lab here I got cut off? Please re connect my caller”. A silence ensued “Hello, hello”. There was a dead air, I couldn’t hear any background noise which would be normal in a busy reception. Once again the handset replaced and my face wore it’s now familiar frown. Throwing a pencil on my desk I said to the room “Sheila’s probably doing her nails… I’ll collect the observer while she calls tech to fix the damn phone, who knows I may get a smart one ‘Huh’, I logged out and walked to the lift.  Again the phone ‘rang and rang and rang, and rang’  but no on was in the room but the corpse.


What did you think was occuring? Let me know in the comments, I will get back quick smart…


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