#Writephoto The Sound Of Silence.

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We stood quietly wrapped in fleece blankets waiting for the signal. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. The cold had turned the tips of my fingers blue and my teeth clacked like in an old Saturday morning cartoon.

Sarah was still, I had never seen her as calm, her usual chitter chatter could drive you mad I would zone her out frequently. Today she stood in this freezing Trancept waiting to walk up to the Nave with me guiding her. Under the blankets we stood in our best bib and tucker, her my baby girl all grown.

“You okay Dad, don’t be nervous everything will be just right, and if anything changes then it was meant to change, hold that thought.” I smiled, “What if I do it all wrong, screw it up and spoil everything. What if I can’t walk or God forbid I loose my voice and can’t talk… worse what if I make a bloody nupty of myself and cry?”

My hand shook, she took it in hers pulled me to sit on the gothic stone where millions had walked before us and said.”You couldn’t ruin anything with any of that, because, you know what, if you did it all and fell down to boot, it would be something to remember and never something to regret. The important thing today is what we say and mean, everything else is decoration.” Just then a tiny buzz rang, it was time.

We dropped our blankets, I straightened her train took her face in my hands. Our eyes locked and my lip trembled. “I know Dad, I love you too.” Each step was taken with care, as each step of her life I had cared for her and now in the silence of the Trancept I needed no words to let her know what was in my heart. All that was needed was the sound of silence …

We place so much pressure on the day we marry when as Sarah said it is mostly decoration. QUESTION Dad’s What did you, or will you say to your daughter? Daughter’s what did Dad say to you.? Unmarried what do you hope the person giving you away will say?

I am dying to hear, please don’t disappoint me I will get back soonest. πŸ˜‡

33 thoughts on “#Writephoto The Sound Of Silence.

  1. Ξ—eya i am for the first time here. I foΥ½nd this board and I find It truly
    useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help ᧐thers β…Όikο½… ʏou helped me.

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  2. First, I will start with the last; that is my favourite cover of that song! Heard it on Planet Rock radio after upgrading my car radio to DAB. Not that that has much to do with giving anyone away at a wedding, but it’s pertinent to being Disturbed!

    Always fascinating turning to the other sexes POV in a story too. Not always easy to carry off, or that’s what I was told by my proofer not so long ago. It’s a thought inspiring post though; I have no daughters so it’s not something I’ve given much thought about; but I do like the

    “… where millions had walked before us…”

    Old places always zone me into thoughts like that. The church here has a state of the art heating system now too, so the only place to shiver is outside and the annexe leading to a vast oak door that leads inside. Mind you it probably takes half a day to heat up; so early doors weddings might feel the urge to wear gloves at this time of year.

    Nice piece of writing too; I could picture the scene very well.

    I think I ought to have a look at some of these prompts now too; try and exercise spontaneous ramblings and see where they want to go.

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  3. Loved the music video. And the story is simple but has a lot of layers, similar to the video. Shivering in blankets in the cold hallway, warmed by the love between a father and daughter on her wedding day. She has the best attitude ever about her wedding day.

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    1. Thank you for a lovely compliment πŸ˜‡ *whispered* my eyes leaked while I wrote it. But don’t let on people will think I’ve ‘gorn soft’ πŸ˜‡


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