Who Can Hear You…

Writers quote challenge /5 at Haddons musings is ‘thinking’ this week, so press๐Ÿ”œ here๐Ÿ”™ to join in

‘Thinking  before you speak’

On a pavement Cafe at the end of the street

two smart men took themselves a seat.

Tristan he bragged  about his car, ยฃ48000 look at it gleam

Mercedes coup’e a Successful man’s dream.

Harry said I worked hard  taking overtime when I could

couldn’t take a holiday or even a siesta

His  ยฃ17000 well spent on a pepper red  fiesta.

They argued together the fors and against,
 compared fuel consumption  the weaknesses and strengths.

Now Mary she sat on the ground by the door

listened to them both open mouthed… in awe.

She sat head bowed a note that said ‘park’

to remind her to get in her box before dark.

Her mac was large came down to her feet

An excellent choice when you lived on the street,

 for underneath was all she did possess 

Plus two pairs of gloves and four hairy vests.

She didn’t speak nor look in their eyes,

when they lit cigars and binned crusts from their pies.

Silently she sat as they said their goodbyes

Missing the quiver of her lip and the tears in her eyes

They dropped  her a pound  and crossed to their cars

She could have been an alien living on Mars.

A lightbulb moment! 

Let me know what you think, would you have in your excitement looked at Mary? I’d like to think I would have taken my discussion inside and thought about how she would feel listening…


31 thoughts on “Who Can Hear You…

  1. I am definitely guilty of thoughtless public speaking. I once read that we must be accountable not just for what we intend to do, but the unintentional consequences as well. I don’t think this means we should blame ourselves and crawl into a dark hole of self-recrimination every time we make a mistake. But, I think it does mean becoming more aware of our surroundings and owning the fallout ( in this case, Mary’s tears) when we screw up. I’d like to think that if these guys had enough knowledge of what was passing to flip her a coin, they could-once they saw her tears- have the awareness to offer her a kind word and treat her like a human being as well. Something as simple as acknowledging her, shaking her hand, asking her name. Maybe something as simple as showing an interest in her would make them more aware that casual, harmless conversation sometimes isn’t. Thought provoking post! Thank you.

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  2. Ellen, I find it intimidating to look at homeless people. I am a little afraid of them and I feel very uncomfortable with the riches of my life compared to theirs. I try to remember to find the face of the Christ in everyone but it isn’t easy. Your post is a good reminder.

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