Jane Dougherty challenges writers and poets amongst us with another visual prompt press 🔜 here 🔙 to join in The artist to thank for the loan of this picture is John Bauer.

Lady Godiva, wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia is a well-known tale across the land, but the lesser known second cousin once thrice removed of that noble Lady was Stanley Kingsbury, after hearing of the famous ride it gave the down at heel blaggard an idea.

Stanley had himself seven daughters and one beautiful dapple grey stallion. Stanley’s daughters were begotten via three sisters none of which he had been betrothed…  early that year they gifted him his daughters and fled to some say sunnier climes in the hope of finding husbands while unchattled by the presence of their loose morals. They together persuaded Stanley that once settled they would call for the girls as ladies maids and staff, that way they would live openly under the wing of their birthmothers but hidden from the smear of wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Stanley poor as a church mouse decided to replicate Godiva’s ride with all his daughters on the one horse. He paraded the girls in hope of suitors,  through the streets far and wide they rode.  Alas, each time the townsfolk were alerted to the coming of an ungodly scoundrel and ordered to “keep within Doors and from their Windows, on pain of Death” Subsequently the girls were handed over to their grandmother and Stanley could be seen from the four corners of Mercia mounted on Pikes.

  • Any likeness to any living or dead person or persons is entirely coincidental.

27 thoughts on “MicroFictionchallenge#26

  1. Fascinating story. Yikes Stanley and his sisters . . . Poor daughters being stuck with him. Hopefully, the Mother’s found husbands so the daughters could go away and start new lives, keeping their Dad and Mom’s loose morals a secret. Why he would parade them naked like Lady Godiva I don’t know why, it doesn’t help their situation. Nice write!

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      1. Hehe. I tend to look into things and imagine what it would be like if it were the case. I know Lady Godiva is true. I just thought her cousin or whoever Stanley was disgusting. Great write lol.


    1. Lady Godiva was real, she was protesting against paying tax on bringing your horse into town, a bit like the congestion charge in London. My story however linked is not factual but how could the girls be worse off they at least would have clothes with Grandmother…


        1. Uh! Paraded his naked! Daughters to sell… illegitimate and naked a blustering bounder who’s penis was wired to his heart. I expect they hung drawn and quatered him before stuffing him on several pikes.


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