A Present that made them smile.


I traipsed along the high street looking for something cool,

Wanting to find the perfect thing the exception to the rule.

Searching for a talking point the item that would hold pride of place,

After fourteen shops I was sure to be losing face.

Tired from a six hour journey and legs that no longer wanted to walk.

I dialled my daughters number… for a probing talk.

We beat around the bushes side swiped at my subtle plan

Then she asked me what I wanted “just say it if you can”.

Reluctantly I asked what the heck could I buy?

She said “a hat, you silly” I thought that I would cry.

Armed with an idea for the item I marched on once again,

On cobbled surfaces that would floor many weakened men.

A mother on a mission to deliver the perfect style,

It had to be special … after trying all this while.

I returned to my husband to update him on the task

He pretended he understood but his face was a blank mask!

It’s Christmas eve at three O’clock the sky is turning dark

My feet are burning and There’s one shop left across the park.

So I returned to the old town to the shop where I first began,

Where I asked for the hat, from a very puzzled man.

You see he told me quietly as his lip took on a twitch,

He wouldn’t disappoint me, pulling at his sleeve he broke a stitch.

But it isn’t a fashion statement, a cool item that is hot,

But a tea cosy that is worn upon a plump teapot.

“I know ” I shouted wildly, but it is all that you have got

That would look special on her head and not a pot.

So Christmas went with a giggle as my tale took a life of it’s own,

Even two weeks later she is still laughing down the phone.

She stitched up the spout hole and the handle space too

And sent me a picture NOT! to show to you.

Her cosy is real cosy, her smile is more than just a smile

As she dons her new hat and wears it with panache and style.

Enter a caption

This silly ditty is a true story! And the cosy was purchased from http://www.whitestuff.com/ … shh! We won’t let on that I posted her photo… will we?

Have you ever given an unusual gift that became a talking point at Christmas? Do let me know what it was and how it was received. I will get back quick smart with a response. Happy 2019. Xxx to all my followers readers and virtual friends. Not forgetting Chuck Jackson for giving this another whirl.

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  1. Brilliant! Brilliant poem, brilliant cosy, brilliant idea – just love the whole thing! Put a real smile on my face! 😁

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    1. Thank you *claps* and the cosy … And possibly me; have already been the subject of two raucous seasonal luncheons. As the lovely one is now Director of primary education, a head mistress and … incubating their first child (our grandchild); due on March the 4th. Ha! Who knows I may become famous yet. Or part of dinner table stories far and wide. Merry Christmas. 🌲🍷

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    1. Why I thank you being compared to Seuss is an accolade in its self. My girl is delightful in so many ways but a married woman no longer a child. With two schools under her Headship, with letters strewn after her name and still the heart to humour her mum. X


    1. I put the recipe you gave me in a game challenging them to come up with a prettier juice. I passed your fb page and link to your blog willynilly around the table and you became part of our Christmas though you had not a clue. So more than one story will stick this year and though my gift made smiles and memories yours will bring health and awareness. Happy new year.

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      1. Oh Ellen, you brought tears to my eyes, that’s the best comment I’ve ever had, thank you! I have noticed an increase in activity this past couple of weeks. Happy New Year to you too! 💜

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