Acoustically speaking.

“A badly timed Trump” a prompt from Sacha to be complete in 52 words . Press here to join in the fun.

It was a sombre occasion, you could see your breath leave your mouth. The pews all waxed and lillies beautifully bookended the pulpit. A vicar as old as the church itself went up the steps, releasing a loud trump which riccochet off the walls. He  sniffed.loudly as the funeral march began.

In England it is another word for flatulence! I do believe it has the same meaning globally *wink wink*

Have you held back a titter, stiffled a smirk or guffawed in the wrong moment? Tell me in the comments I can’t wait to reply. 

32 thoughts on “Acoustically speaking.

  1. I was cooking for our youth group’s trip to help out a church on a tiny island with painting the building and other chores. We were eating our dinner out in the back of the church grounds when one of the roudier boys started burping. Another “mother figure” (and my dear friend) on the trip thought he was just fooling around and gave him a warning. He suddenly burped by accident (I could see the horror on his face) and she took him inside for a talk. There was total silence amongst the 20+ people sitting there. That is until someone “trumped” very loudly. I will let you guess who that might have been!

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    1. We didn’t call them anything, they were things that rude boys laughed about and Mother glared at you for doing… Things I prefer to distance myself from *sniff* “uncouth” 😀


                1. My label collection began at the play school door where my beautiful boy announced “This is my mum she is kind and funny sometimes she is a bit mad” shaking his head from side to side “But I love her any way”
                  Not a hope that I was going to be perfect or poised after that doosie…πŸ˜‰


  2. I have an elevator story, as well. I was on my first solo road trip on my motorcycle. After finding a hotel, I lugged all my of my gear up to my room on the fourth floor and then rode the elevator down to the lobby. The need to, er, trump came upon me, so I let loose. Unfortunately, the elevator stopped on floor 3 and a well dressed businessman got on. It was obvious that I was the perpetrator of the smell. Sooo embarrassing!

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  3. I can’t help but enjoy the fact that Trump is an idiom for breaking wind. To answer your query, when I was young the more nervous I got the more I would laugh inappropriately. You can just imagine how popular I was😏

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    1. More likely a boy (not being sexist or anything) would poit his finger at the offender and shout ” You trumped” laugh hysterically and hold his nose. Personally I never ever release despicable smells… *whistles* πŸ˜‰

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  4. My worst ‘trump’ has to have been in a lift shortly after I joined my first law firm back in the 70s. I was two floors away from my destination and calculated I was safe. That’s when the lift jolted to a stop and the senior partner and managing partner stepped inside. Sadly since I was the only obvious creator of methane I was mortified but the managing partner looked at the senior partner and said, ‘Lunch smells good today.’ I loved that man.

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    1. *cough splutter* after re reading I still need to use an asthma inhaler… hang on I don’t have asthma *gulp*
      Great visual *holds nose* thanks for that. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

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