Getting to know Ellen

Thank you for this Jaqueline, I have reblogged and am ready for any questions and to make new connections.

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Call me nosy, but I certainly enjoy getting to know my fellow bloggers in this community. That’s what we are ‘a community.’

Let’s hang out with Ellen today. Thank you Ellen for allowing my intrusion 🙂

Bloggers InterviewA Bit About Me

My name is Ellen, I am married we have four fully formed huge children, three from me and one from he. Best beloved and I  moved to the west country four years ago, giving the four children, four grandchildren, my Mother and two sisters and friends the opportunity to visit us, enjoy where we live…we are near the coast. We took very early retirement giving me the opportunity to be the wordy bird I am today, and to travel the world having adventures with the aforementioned best beloved.

I am often referred to as a bit of a loon or bonkers… but then the best people often are; so said Alice *smiles*. I am full of…

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6 thoughts on “Getting to know Ellen

  1. I follow Jacqui around and was curious when I saw your post on her page…so I banged on over (I am a bit of a clutz) to see if you were really as wonderful as your writing was implying…and was so gratified to learn you ARE!!! So consider yourself followed by a rather bonkers old lady from the US….

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