The letter.

Press πŸ”œhereπŸ”™ to join in thank you Sacha Black for the prompt.

The distance between.

It lay taunting me, i hear the voice whining ‘open me please’. I hide, ducking my head round the door to peep. The distance between my feet and the letter will change my life for ever. Deep breath in and go! ‘Rip!’ Scan words, wipe tears, *punches air* manuscript accepted ‘YES’. πŸ’ͺ

Do you remember that fear… the fear of opening results? Did you get someone else to read it for you? Leave me a comment i will get back quick!     P. S. One day it will be a yes in the envelope for me! 

17 thoughts on “The letter.

    1. Well at the very least you are more successful than those who don’t submit. X polite is good and if they were backed up and stored without being sent anywhere you would be in a worse position than having tried. Thanks for taking part. πŸ˜‰

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  1. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and then another and then another – you are a talented writer and are sure to succeed. I remember when my husband’s acceptance letter to medical school arrived. It was with great trepidation he opened it; only to find someone else’s acceptance letter inside. They have been partners in a medical practice for over 40 years. Life is strange and good.

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    1. What a coincidence! Who would have thought it… you couldn’t write that stuff. Success is measured in so many ways, In the begining I picked up a pencil to release the pain as I poured it on to the page . That period of thirty years was where I learned that my paper secreted between the pages of books could steady me. Now it thrills me and I am in a different relationship with words. If my work evokes feelings it is a success, the contract, the agent and publisher would be the strawberry on top of my pavlova… not the crown. Lovely to hear from you I look forward to your input. And the mixed up exam results is amazing there could be a story in that! *titters*

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