The Empty

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Remnants of yesterdays bonfire smolder on the bank, barbed wire posts too damp to burn are propped at angles like skeletons legs. The wind whips my hair across pinkend cheeks, wipes drops from moist eyes as I trudge aimlessly across the empty landscape. A gnawing in my abdomen makes me tremble; my hands shake as I recognise my own emptiness.

An hour passes me by, legs heavy and joints begin to ache as I work my way home. Lifting my foot to plant it firmly in the kissing gate where we stopped and kissed last night; the irony of it makes my lips twitch and my chest tight. In the emptiness I succumb to tears; self indulging, long overdue by my reckoning.

Last night around the fire we had talked, loved and hoped. We hoped that three weeks late was a sign, we had held each other tight, talked until wishes were invisible to the moon.

This morning I woke to his whistles as he cycled to work. A fleeting smile at my lips soon vanished as the dull drag in my gut became apparent. Tonight I will have to tell him we were wrong. Smoothing my palm over my cheeks I take a deep breath, kick off my boots and straighten my back. Today will go so quickly here in the empty.

43 thoughts on “The Empty

  1. Such beautiful writing, Ellen, and such a poignant piece. Something so many women can relate to, I think, but so exquisitely told. 😊

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    1. Nice to have a visit and your kind words are the topping on the dream. Evoking emotion with my writing is the one thing I always strive for. Unfortunately the “Empty” effects many more women than we realise.

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        1. But is it enough? Publishing a book at least the traditional way seems more about who you are, what self story the Author has. What happened to promote the work for it’s integrity, not make the writer the celebrity.

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  2. Aaww Ellen, this is a sad and a true story for many. I think I know how it feels, sometimes you wait and wait till you give up a little thinking that may help if you ignored it. Then again it returns very soon, making you feel sad and empty all over again.

    Thank you Ellen.

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              1. Oh you notice them far more when you live in that hope! It took seven years of such months…but when the time was right, my eldest son made his appearance. And three years later, his brother.

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