Wait for me when I’m gone,

Don’t forget I was here.

Come and read a while

There’s nothing to fear.

Life has other idea’s

That keep me away.

But please don’t

stop coming,

I still have a lot

To say.

I am having to take a break for a while. I can’t say for how long, but I hope to pop back and read any comments and reply when I can. I look forward to continuing to read your posts and banter on your blogs where possible. I will be back once I am fit and able.

But when life gives you lemons … you need to stand back and take in the scent, look at the whole tree; not just the fruit.

33 thoughts on “Absent.

  1. This was beautifully written.

    Do you know some days you just want to read a heartfelt post and you scroll through your blog and can’t find anything and then I find you and it eases that feeling a little. It’s the days you want to read and not write.

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      1. I’m glad I did, I’m not sure if you have had such days where you’re looking for a deep, touching piece to ignite your emotions and even encouragement to write.
        So I’m looking forward to your post today as often your words do wonders.

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  2. I do hope you find your path through the lemon trees and come through it with a freshness that is clearly absent right now Ellen. a shame I only just found you, but I will be here when you find you are able to return. Besides you know where I can be found if you need to say hi.
    Best wishes Ellen and a speedy recovery x

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  3. Ellen, thinking of you. Wishing you well. Sorry to see you step away, but am so glad you know what you need to do for yourself. We’ll be here when you return.

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  4. Ellen squeeze those lemons and make the best lemonade you can with them.
    I hope all is ok. Will miss you around the blogosphere but life is more important xxxxxx

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  5. and then take the lemons and some salt, and have shots of tequila mocking bird ^_^ Just coming over for a visit, do take care and wish all the lemonade you can make ♥☻

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  6. I love Pooh quotations and yours too! But when life gives you lemons … you need to stand back and take in the scent, look at the whole tree; not just the fruit. Take care!

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